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FVR Philosophy


FVR strives to provide a calm, force-free environment for your pet to heal. Our philosophy is to treat each animal and person with respect, dignity, and honor as we work to build strength, create balance, and promote health. 

Our integrative approach begins with a head to tail musculoskeletal and neurological evaluation with our experienced rehabilitation-certified veterinarian. We integrate Western and Eastern medicine to develop a holistic treatment plan to treat your pet. The plan is an individualized intensive treatment plan aimed at reducing pain and inflammation while improving recovery and return to function. 

To ensure the highest quality care, all our staff is trained, experienced, and certified rehabilitation therapists and assistants. For example, a certified rehabilitation assistant is In the underwater treadmill with patients to ensure the patients are comfortable and get the best out of their session by allowing our therapists to closely direct and adjust the therapy as needed at any moment. 

A successful treatment plan consists of multiple modalities that could include: laser, acupuncture, manipulations, massage, therapeutic exercises, medications, and supplements. We will recheck frequently throughout the course of treatment and we will make appropriate adjustments to the plan as needed. 

We want to develop a positive relationship with your veterinarian to ensure the best care for your pet, so we DO NOT provide vaccines, bloodwork, or general medicine care. We ask that you have your veterinarian share records and radiographs with us so that we can treat your pet with the most knowledge available. We will send a referral letter to your vet after every evaluation to keep them informed in your pet’s progress. 

We enjoy developing relationships with our patients and watching them graduate from our programs. Thank you for being part of our family.